Workshops at Rozsnyai Collection

Recipes of our ancestors

Do you know the ingredients our great grandparents used?

Would you like to see the pots and pans they used to use?

Join us for a workshop and we show you everything you did not know about old times’ cooking and recipes.

(Recommended for 5th grade and above.)

 Grooms, cattleman and shepherds…

A fun and entertaining way to get to know the lives of agricultural farm workers caring for livestock on the Great Hungarian Plane.

(Reccommended for 3rd till 6th grade.)

Object Recognition

Can you recognize your great grandma’s iron?

Do you know what a mangle board is?

Join us for a fun way to learn about the objects of our forefathers.


Amusing outdoor games for the youngsters reviving the pastime of our grandparents.

 Cost of the workshops: 1000 HUF

Thematic programs

All about corn

This South American immigrant has appeared in the Carpathian Basin about 400 years ago, yet by today it has become one of the most widely used ingredient in our kitchens.

Come and join our workshop where we learn all about the use or corn in folk culture, we make toys using husk and taste corn meals.

 Guided tour to the world of folk instruments

We learn about and get to use traditional Hungarian instruments, in the end everyone gets a chance to make their very own shamanic drum.

Other workshops include clay craft, felting, candle making, traditional pouch belt making.

Cost of the thematic programs: 1200 HUF