Rozsnyai Collection is a museum that houses the private ceramics collection of István Rozsnyai. It was in 2007, after more than a decade spent on bringing together the pieces that Rozsnyai decided to found a Museum in order to present this extraordinary work to the public. The goal was to preserve and publish those parts of our intellectual heritage that are fading away due to today’s over industrialization.

After a substantial sum of money was raised through a European Union tension, construction begun in 2009. The institution sits on the premises of the Reformed Parish of Vértes behind the grade II listed building, Lédig Mansion.

When designing the front of the building it was criteria of the cultural heritage protection bureau to keep it in uniform with the classicist style of the old mansion house. Infrastructural development was completed in 2010, and then the complex was extended with a large estate divided up into a tent like lodging and a car park. The museum accommodates two exhibition rooms, a small café, a cloak room and offices for the staff, and is situated on a large park ideal to hold outdoor events.

Operating permit was granted by the government in 2011 from when the Museum is open to the public welcoming thousands of visitors every year